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Catalogue DIETAL 2019

Catalogue DIETAL 2019

The new edition of our catalogue is now available in print and digital version!

Through this brand new issue, we aim to highlight DIETAL’s 40 years-experience to offer lighting solutions, ever more reliable and innovative, dedicated to tertiary (offices, healthcare, retail; transportation…) and industrial applications (production, logistics, ATEX environments…).

We also introduce two current themes of the lighting industry, in which the DIETAL teams are already involved:
“Human Centric lighting”, which aims to promote solutions that take into account the physiological needs of users (appropriate color temperature, visual comfort, etc.),
– and “Smart & Connected lighting”, which aims to integrate technologies (DALI dimming, sensors, wireless communication …) for the benefit of users and operators.

Download here the PDF version or ask for the paper issue through our contact form.