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SUNNY-M /-XL: new series, new possibilities

SUNNY-M /-XL: new series, new possibilities

New series, new possibilities! The SUNNY LED profiles family, available in 2 sizes (-M and -XL), now meets – almost – all the expectations from office or shop lighting applications: stand-alone or light-line installation depending on the space; suspended, surface or recessed mounting according to the ambiance; or else, choice for the optics (diffuser, micro-grid…) based on the requirements for visual comfort or performance…

Beyond all these configurations, we still offer maximum adaptability to our customers, taking into account the technical requirements of the projects (trimless recessing, IP54 protection…), or the special needs from the contractors (special finishes, smart lighting, connectivity…).

Thus, all the solutions are there to make SUNNY the right compromise between lighting functionality, performance and architectural integration. (Re)discover it in our new catalogue available soon!

– Luminous efficacy up to 115 lm/W
– Useful lifetime 50,000 hours L80B10
– Designed and manufactured in France – 5-year warranty

Datasheet SUNNY-M

Datasheet SUNNY-XL